I'm captured by unusual and interesting landscape formats - strong lines, both vertical or horizontal, curves that repeat. These natural surroundings deeply influence me.

When I tackle a landscape painting, my aim is to communicate not just the physical detail, but the atmospheric elements, the hidden forces that permeate the land and air and determine the quality of light, and our emotional response to the subject. A good landscape rendering is an environmental snapshot, a captured moment conveying palpable hints of an actual place in a specific time. The hour of the day, the temperature, even moisture levels, should the theory be as readable to the viewer as the depicted topographical detail.

Originally from the Maritimes, I moved to the province of Manitoba in 1981. I left behind a world whose intimate coastlines, rolling hills and meandering streams gave way to a boundless prairiescape with impossibly immense skies, and a northern wilderness with mile upon mile of sprawling lakes and primal forest.

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